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First Jam, focusing on getting something out the door. Practicing putting together a minimum viable product.

A simplistic approach to “More is worse”, the more powerups and cash you collect, the more and stronger enemies are.


Side-scrolling shooter, blow up the enemies, dodge the blocks, and collect the powerups.
But enemies deal more damage when you increase your fire power.
And get more sturdy as you heal and increase your max health.
Collecting dropped cash will “clog” your weapons systems causing you to shoot slower.
Taking more damage will spend your cash faster on repairs. 

WASD: move, Space: shoot, M: mute

Development Breakdown

Platform: Monogame
Code: Visual Studio
Graphics: Paint.Net
Sounds: sfxr
Fonts: 1001 Fonts

Made for Ludam Dare 40

V1 Features:

  • Demo mode: Can play the game better than I can!
  • Programmer “art”
  • Sounds
  • Online scoreboard
  • Fast-paced action
  • Confusing shapes
  • Only 2 floppys in size!


FlightShaperate_v1.1.zip 2 MB

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